Chris Tishler

The debut album “Reach For The Sun”.

Thirteen tracks that run the gamut of his songwriting styles, Chris Tishler’s full-length album “Reach For The Sun” is an extremely intimate and personal collection of his original songs. They are at times heady and reveal both darkness and lightness, but are all personal reflections, rife with honesty. The songs are celebratory, melancholic, cathartic and give the listener a close-up view of his head and his heart.
Tishler played all of the instruments on the album, with a host of others sitting in to round out the recordings. “Reach For The Sun” features special guests Brian Tairaku Ritchie (Violent Femmes), Brian Kasprzak (Arrow), Matthew Meixner (Mea Jima, Five Card Studs), Jamie Briewick, Cecilio Negron Jr, Joey Santiago (De La Buena), Betty Blexrud-Strigens (Testa Rosa), Jeff Hamilton (The Truck, Beatallica), Liv Mueller, Korinthia Klein and John Kruth.

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